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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Printers

The business printer that you choose determines whether your business will be successful or not. You need to do adequate research before visiting a printer vendor. Below are four tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes. Get to know which technology and function level of business printers is best for you and also budget properly.

1. Affordability of the Printer

While you shouldn’t spend more money than you can afford, before you commit to buying a business printer, take deliberate steps to ensure you are not buying a machine that will give you budget-bursting surprises later. Check the price of the printer’s ink or toner. The most affordable printer doesn’t mean the cheapest one. It’s always advisable to go for a high-cost printer with low-cost consumables unless you print very little and are able to stretch out the line between replacements for a significantly long period.

2. Desirable Speed

Get to know your anticipated print volume first and use it to approximate the engine speed, memory, and processing power of your printer. Remember that engine speed specifications can reflect your pattern of usage. So you can take the specifications with a grain of salt. However, they will help you to know what your business printers could accomplish under the most favorable conditions. Most offices go for printers that can produce between 20-and-40 pages per minute. You can go for a higher speed if your needs so dictate.

3. Paper-Handling Choices

It’s wise to choose a printer that offers the paper-handling capabilities that are appropriate for the work that you currently do and are expandable to accommodate the future growth of your business. Modern business printers can handle index cards, labels, and envelopes trouble free as they have straighter paper paths and advanced manual feed slots.

4. Single-Function or Multifunction?

If you want to print your own documents, you might consider buying an all-in-one printer, also known as a multifunction printer. It can create electronic images of documents, store the documents, send them via email or fax and make photocopies. Ensure your printer has an automatic document feeder. This way, you will be able to scan multipage documents without too much effort.

While multifunction printers appear to be the wave of the future, they are not perfect. If your business is very busy making a few machines to juggle many different customer demands, it could easily get overwhelmed and eventually frustrate your customers.

Finding the right business printers don't have to be difficult or costly. All the available printers work adequately well. All you need to do when buying your printer is focus on the features and functionalities you need and take the appropriate steps to minimize your ongoing costs.

4 Ways on How Calibration Service Will Benefit Your Food Business

Calibration service is important to any business, especially where measurements are concerned. Knowing that you have accurate measurements means you can be confident in the values given by your equipment. Here are four ways on how calibration service can benefit your food business.

1. Helps maintain quality assurance
In the food industry, strict standards have to be maintained in every stage from production to distribution. Therefore, calibration has to be frequently done to prevent any errors and to uphold the needed quality standards. If your equipment exhibits the correct measurements, then your final product will be reliable which boosts customer trust. Also, calibration helps food manufacturers produce and maintain quality products. With high-quality products, a business will have a good reputation and get a broad customer base resulting in higher sales.

2. To meet ISO standards
Accreditation builds trust between service providers and clients. When an accredited calibration company measure your equipment, you are sure that your food product is free of any disease-causing microorganism. Therefore, it's safe for consumption. Also, the providers will ensure your equipment adheres to the set industry specification and will set up monitoring procedures. When your processes, as well as staff, maintains high standards and your instruments deliver repeated accurate results, then you can be awarded an ISO certification. On the other hand, uncalibrated instruments can lead to legal disputes.

3. To have consistent results
Professional calibration providers work to confirm your standards are accurate and traceable. They do their job by testing and auditing calibration accuracy to be sure that there are no variations that can affect the quality of the final product. This can extend the lifespan of your equipment and provide evidence that it's functioning at an optimum level. The traceable data can act as proof during an internal audit or inspection.

4. To save cost
Calibration service helps control product quality and prevent any potential risks. This creates a safe working environment for your employees, reduces operation costs and wastage of food manufacturing materials. Since the smallest change can affect the safety and taste of the food, incorrect calibrations can lead to product recall which causes waste of time and money for the business. However, with proper and regular calibration you will not have to repeat production for any product batch. Therefore, you will reduce energy wastage and extra expenses.

An accredited calibration company can ensure that your measurements are equal to those of a standard device. Doing calibrations on a regular schedule can help prevent errors and provide repeatable, accurate measurements.

Tips for Making Your Wedding Proposal Perfect

The wedding proposal is one of the most crucial events that you will ever have in your life. Because of such, it is imperative that you handle everything as correctly as possible for you. The following are some tips for making your proposal go smoothly from jewelry presentation to asking the question:

Pick a Quiet Place

A quiet atmosphere is important because you will want your prospective mate to hear you quite well when you ask the question. Asking the question may be stressful, so you only want to have to do it one time. Some suggestions for quiet places to go are parks, airplane or train rides, and the balcony of a prestigious hotel.

Create the Perfect Mood

The mood should be perfect before you ask the most important question of your life. You will need to ensure that there is no tension between you and your mate. Therefore, you should make your request at a time when the stresses of life are far removed from the situation. Ask the question hours after you have finished your work shifts or while you are on vacation. This will ensure that neither of you needs to wind down.

Choose Unique and Appropriate Jewelry

The jewelry is another crucial part of asking your loved one to marry you. The first tip for the ring is to ensure that it is something that fits your mate. If your mate is modest, then you will not need to flash the most expensive ring you can find. If your mate has allergies, then you will need to ensure that the ring you purchase is hypoallergenic. Knowing what kind of ring to buy requires you to get to know your mate on a deep level. Diamonds are generally a girl's best friend, but they may not be your girl's best friend. Your girl may prefer something less expensive and more sentimental. To the contrary, you may have a mate who wants nothing less than a diamond that almost blinds the eyes. Get to know your better half's personality so that you will pick a perfect ornament. Additionally, you will need to choose a jewelry store that is reputable and honest. You can ensure that the store is upstanding by conducting research on it. Read what other consumers have to say about it in terms of pricing and item quality. Compare the store with other stores to ensure that you work with the most reliable.

Use a Traditional Approach

Many people still appreciate a good traditional proposal. That means that you get down on one knee and ask the person of your dreams to marry you. Nothing is as precious as declaring your love for each other the way that people have been doing it for centuries. Some things are too priceless to change. More online resources are available at Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers.

Should Your Venue Make the Transition to Text Messaging for Restaurant Paging?

There are multiple restaurant paging solutions that you can implement in your venue. Some use the tried and true method of having host staff call out names into a crowded restaurant or using a PA system to make an announcement for all to hear. Others use light-up paging devices that quietly alert your patrons when their table is ready. While these are commonplace, many restaurants are making the transition to using text messages for restaurant paging purposes. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of this solution before moving forward with it.

A Cost-Effective Solution
Yelling patrons’ names out in a crowded restaurant when their table is ready can be unappealing for many reasons. For example, nobody wants to hear names yelled out throughout their meal, and those whose names you do yell may not hear the announcement. Because of this, restaurant paging devices are a preferred option, but these can be costly to invest in, and many have a way of walking out of your venue over time. Text messaging is a cost-effective solution that does not require your venue to invest in expensive paging devices.

A Service-Oriented Approach
With text message as your restaurant paging method, you can incorporate a system that has updates sent to your patrons when they are five or ten minutes away from being seated. Many patrons appreciate being kept in the loop with regards to their wait time. In addition, customers do not have to remain in your facility while waiting. They may venture to a shop next door or wait in their car.

The Downsides to Consider
As beneficial as text messaging sounds, there are some downsides to consider. For example, while most people will have their cell phone on them when visiting your restaurant, some will not. Some people do not have cell phones and others may be contending with a broken phone at the moment. Some intentionally do not bring their cell phone in restaurants because they do not want to appear to be rude by checking it when dining with others. In addition, your patrons incur a cost for text messaging, and some may not appreciate that expense being charged to them. A final point to consider is that you cannot always hear a phone chime in a crowded restaurant, and this means that your patrons may need to continuously check their phone while waiting for a table.

There are pros and cons to all restaurant paging methods. Now that you are more familiar with the pros and cons to text messaging as a paging method, you can make an informed decision that is best for your patrons.

The Right Store Fixtures and Displays May Benefit Promotional Efforts

Merchants and retailers who are seeking to optimize the layout of their environment or ensure that specific goods and products are more likely to be noticed by visitors and customers would do well to investing in quality store fixtures. Shelves, cabinets and displays that may be used to showcase items more effectively can play an important role in promotional efforts. Relying on shelving that may be too basic, displays that fail to catch the eye or fixtures that may not be ideally suited for the products being marketed may result in lower than expected sales revenue and decreased consumer interest.

Utilizing Retail Space in the Most Efficient Manner

Failure to create and maintain the proper layout and atmosphere within retail environments can become a very serious liability. Issues, such as shops and storefronts that are haphazardly arranged, hard to navigate or that make it more difficult for customers and consumers to find what they are looking for, could be costing business owners far more than they might realize. Installing store fixtures that may be used to create more efficient and attractive layouts can be especially important for business owners who are attempting to make due with environments that offer limited physical space. Quality fixtures can be a useful asset when it comes to finding ways to maximize available space.

Creating the Best Promotional Displays

The sheer volume of products, promotional materials and marketing efforts competing for the attention of customers, many consumers can easily find themselves feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to finding the items they seek. Store fixtures that can be used to organize merchandise and showcase products in a more attractive way can make quite a difference. Displays that feature eye-catching layouts and convenient access to specific goods and products often have a positive impact on sales. Finding new ways to arrange their stock and present they items can ensure that merchants and shop owners are able to better promote specific goods.

Investing in High-quality and Cost-effective Fixtures

The unique mixture of promotional and practical uses that quality store fixtures have to offer can make it easier for business owners to justify the cost of purchase. Outdated shop layouts, lack of promotional displays or a failure to make better use of their space and physical environment could be creating far more problems than business owners may be aware of. Shopping around in an effort to find the best quality fixtures or the most competitive prices can ensure that business owners are able to enjoy a better long-term value from their purchase. Find more online information and resources at the Acme Shelving and Store Fixtures website.

Do You Feel Packaging Has Nothing to Do With Your Sales? Well, Think Again..

In this world of designer accessories and technical advancements, the days of not judging a book by its cover are long gone now. Nowadays, the cover is as significant as the contents of the actual product. In the technological era, aesthetics of a product are as important as the utility it promises to fulfill. The way an idea or an item is presented speaks volumes about the efforts and the toil behind its creation and evolution. It is all about impression today and the first one at that.

Packaging products is an all pervasive business today. Globally, packaging companies are a 900$ billion industry. The necessity of packaging is increasing day by day in every other industry. Be it tetra packaging for the fruit juice industry or effective damage protection for the electronics manufacturers, it is everywhere.

Fundamentally, it is a protective and qualitative cover on top of whatever you consume. After all, no supplier wants corrugated boxes for shipping his product. But dig a little deeper into its workings and you will be amazed to find out the intricate outreach of this covering into the very fabric of everyday human life.

Here are some of the widespread effects and utilities related to product packaging.

(i) Product Empathy:

Packaging serves as an identification of the product as well as the brand under which it is being sold. A product is wrapped in superior quality, dyed and designed vessels for showing off its distinctness from similar products from other manufacturers. For instance, the yellow and black painted pack of Kodak camera reel sells a story all by itself for its owner.

(ii) Product Fortification:

The main purpose of wrapping and packaging is to gives safety to the product from mud, critters, moisture, and breakage. For instance, the items like wafers, jam, chips, etc., need to be sheltered from outside contact. That is why they are forcefully filled.

(iii) Expediency:

Packaging enables the manufacturer to ensure the convenience in the transit of the items from one place to another, in storage and in consumption. For instance, the new plastic containers of Coca-Cola make the transport and selling relaxed.

(iv) Product Advertising:

Packaging breaks down the different stages of advertising and helps to ease the work of public sale and promotion. In this way, the wrapping performs the role of a secondary salesman. It boosts the volume of the sales and also helps empty the stock in a short time. 

Moreover, in superstores, shops and point of purchase (POP) displays, there is the need for stacking of packages so that space is not wasted on the shelves. Plus, various designs can be realized using nothing but cardboard boxes and cartons. Arranging them in welcoming shapes can increase the visual appeal of a store easily.

The package or custom boxes must be formulated in such a way that all the information central to its content can be seen by a probable shopper easily, especially the ingredients or substances used in the creation of the said product. It is actually important.

People are different in lots of ways. Some are vegan while some like to eat meat. Some are lactose intolerant while some may have an allergy to a specific foodstuff. In such cases, packaging information goes a long way in ensuring that people consume what’s good for them. For no one wants corrugated packaging to spoil what they eat.

In this way, the packaging is not only about content and carriage these days. Rather, it has become the core focus of marketing and customer base elevation. Packaging giants are doing commendable job in the industry by coming up with creative packaging. People buy packages all the time at POP displays but what they fail to grasp is that it is not only the product that they purchased, rather it is the culmination of careful and minute thought-processes of those who made it such an effective innovation.

Many great ideas have been born out of the craft of careful and charismatic presentations. Therefore, it won’t do at all to underestimate the power of it.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Real Estate for First Time Buyers


“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.”

It is not at all uncommon to come across people whining all day long just to make sure you don’t invest in real estate. Many people are so much against the idea of real estate investments that they even come up with some fictitious stories they made up in their head. I mean, how people are dedicated towards your affairs and not minding their own business is extra ordinary in many ways as well.

Here are some of the biggest misconceptions that you will come across as soon as you ask someone amateur for some real estate investment:

You Need To Be Filthy Rich To Begin Investing

While real estate investments are indeed something that requires money to begin with, you won’t need a gazillion dollars to start investing. Your hard earned money and savings could be more than enough for you to make a down payment for some property you might be interested in.

Luck Is The Key

People often make the perception that making profits from real estate investments is not possible unless you were born under a lucky star. Luck indeed plays a small role in real estate investments for some people, but the majority makes profits via their detailed research over their investments and keeping themselves updated with the current scenario.

You Don’t Need A Realtor

This probably is the biggest misconception amongst the people who give in to the whining of others who have made bad investments. You should always remember that almost half those people made bad investments BECAUSE they thought hiring a realtor was useless. Make sure you stay apart from the crowd and don’t commit the same mistake.

All Realtors Lie

All the realtors don’t lie. While some of them might, not all of them are unprofessional. In case you are not sure whether the realtor you are about to hire is a good one or not, you can always check his reviews online or call his previous clients. In my personal opinion, if you want to take it, Slavens & Associates are the most honest realtors in business right now.

Buying And Renovating Properties Is The Way To Go

Most people have thought of buying a property and selling it quickly after renovation at least once. This however, is not a good idea. If you’ve held a property for relatively shorter periods, you might end up with lesser or no profits at all due to the transaction costs or being taxed at higher tax rates.

Choosing The Right Tenant Is Not That Important

People often assume that finding the right tenant after buying the property is not that important. Focusing on just keeping the property occupied might get you into trouble. Having a good tenant ensures that your property will be taken care of properly until you decide to sell it.

Only Larger Properties Are Worth Investing In

People often develop the misconception that smaller properties won’t help them achieve success in real estate business. This is very misleading as most of the successful real estate investors have started with less costly properties in their early days. 

People who have made bad investments under the temptations of saving big by cutting realtor costs will always point out everything wrong about real estate investments. Real estate has been and is still one of the best options for investing your hard earned money and making some profit out of it.

Is Cloud Security All Set to Surpass Data Center?

Today, cloud computing is one of the important technology. Despite its popularity, one cannot ignore the biggest disadvantage of the cloud. Yes, the security of cloud architecture is the worst. It developed a bad reputation due to loopholes in DNS security. However, various cloud teams have promised that they will soon resolve the security issues to make cloud better and trustable.

Cloud security has changed the way conventional security used to work. They turned the traditional security public, private and hybrid architectures. This has helped to stretch the capabilities of the conventional tools. But instead of doing good it has created new security holes and blind spots that were not there previously. However, you cannot ignore the fact that cloud is also making things brighter.

There are ways in which cloud security is countering their weaknesses. Since cloud platform is in a position to absorb a lot of data so it needs to overcome its weakness and other points. The large cloud networks geographically disperse the data into various data centers. It is able to pull in all kinds of security intelligence and keeps the data flowing in and out of the network. With this intelligence, it is able to track the network security threats and stop them randomly.

Even various enterprises have started to use cloud computing. It is no longer a simple extension of the traditional enterprise networks. It is now the central focus and users can access the cloud through various points such as public Internet or private WAN connections. The cloud is a centralized solution and becomes an ideal location for securing client and server communication and single point of management for encryption keys.

Cloud computing is constantly evolving. It is allowing the users to gain end-to-end visibility from various network security points. Prior to this, the DNS security administrators were not able to create software overlays. It helps to flatten the network so that security postures become easy to streamline and manage.

Cloud development is moving at a faster pace compared to its security development. So the cloud developers are looking ahead of 2016 to close the gap with the introduction of various network automation tools.

In this article, we thought to share some of those cloud security tools that will help enterprise mainstream their growth.

3 Best Cloud Security Tools

Check out the three best cloud security tools in the market to strengthen your DNS Security.

Big Data Intelligence

Public cloud is slowly changing into data security aggregators. The ability to the pull the internet data like emails or website requests, which can run through big data security intelligence systems will be able to find the malware and network intrusion. The faster we can find out the threats, the faster we can introduce the changes to our infrastructure.

Retroactive Malware Protection

The big data security aggregators in the cloud not only gets a chance to stop the malware before it enters an enterprise. It gives a better shot to repair malware damage after the threat. When you find malware breaches, this information can retroactively revert any file and change the malware made on a system.

Gaining Better Visualization

The cloud software-defined network (SDN) have become the bane in cloud network security. SDN is able to overlay the complexity in cloud networks and create a virtual network that is easy to manage. This allows the IT admins to see the entire network and control data center and security policies. Bluecat gives you better visualization and cloud services than anyone in the market.

Finally, we are talking about improved DNS security, accelerated response, and enhanced security for enterprise data while all resides in the cloud. It certainly is all set to surpass data centers.

Top Tips for a New Business

Starting a new business is a rush; it’s exciting, it has tons of potential, and you get to build it from the ground up. There is, however, a bad part about all of this, it’s incredibly stressful.

Starting a business is a lot of fun up until you realize the amount of money it costs to run the operation and the concern as to whether or not profits are going to turn in your favor, or gradually bury you. It’s for this reason that the following tips should be taken into consideration for your new business:

Manage Overhead

Track your expenses very closely and don’t worry about fancy developments early. Successful businesses didn’t have incredibly offices the first year they were in operation. Successful businesses take time to grow and manage expenses to it grow in a gradual and safe manner.

Start Small

Start with a small budget and gradually build up what your company can and can’t do. While knowing what you want your company to become is important, there is no instant gratification when it comes to building a company. It takes time to create a company and part of that process is proving you can start with a great idea and no money, and build it into something much more valuable.

Once you can prove this then people will want to get involved in helping the company grow. This leads to the next point: investors.


Investors are going to be a key factor toward the success or burial of your new business. Often times the key to landing an investor isn’t a question of personal knowledge or potential, but how it’s presented to them. Depending on where you live, there are plenty of government funded grant programs to help you get started.

When speaking to an investor try to understand exactly what they need to know to secure their interest. You have a very short window of time to influence them into believing in your cause, specific details can come in the future should they inquire about it, but in the moment of gaining them as an investor, focus on the need to know.

Get your pitch down to what your goals are and what you hope to achieve in the short-term.

Accept the Knowledge You Do and Don’t Know

Take the time to truly analyze your strengths and weaknesses. There is no greater mistake than the mistake of believing you know all and can take care of everything on your own. Once you analyze your areas of weakness, bring people on board that can support in these areas. Not only will you strengthen a point in your operation that needs to be covered, you will also grant yourself the opportunity to learn from someone in a hands on fashion.

With these ideas kept in mind the only thing left to consider is common sense. Try to make a company work with these tips, but don’t let ego get in the way if a company idea is simply not meant to be. There will always be other opportunities, but accept it if a time arises where you need to walk away.

Where is Indoor Navigation System Taking us?

Indoor navigation system has come a long way since its inception. Recent developments have opened up a plethora of avenues being opened for the use and implementation of the system. Indoor navigation system or indoor positioning system was originally designed with the aim to locate objects and people within a building. The system take aid of a wide array of information collected from acoustics, wireless signals, magnetic fields, radio waves and other such sensory signals to locate the objects and beings within a closed spot. As sensors improved and modern technologies came into play the positioning system became even more advanced and today holds the possibility of being put to use for a wide variety of practical purposes.

This technology is ever progressing and tech giants like Google taking interest in the development of similar technology has created the much needed boost up for this application development project. Indoor navigation system is expected to become one of the most important systems in the coming years. Let us take a look at some of the practical utilities of the system that will become a reality in the years to come.

  • Indoor navigation system or indoor positioning system is able to pinpoint the location of various objects and people within a closed space, thanks to the technological advancements. This has created scope for development of self-navigating sticks or chairs for the visually impaired.
  • Since indoor navigation system can form an image of all the objects and people within a place, it is possible to integrate it along with the virtual reality technology to create games which will give the feeling of being played within one’s home.
  • GPS has a major constraint when it comes to locating a person within a building. Since the technology greatly depends on the device being tracked to remain in the open GPS fails when it is present within a building. Indoor positioning system allows far more accuracy in terms of locating a person or device indoors.
  • Indoor positioning system can also be used for marking a specific location. This is particularly useful if you have to store the information about any product based on the location. It will allow other devices using the same system to track and locate the product as well as access the information about the same on reaching the location.
  • Indoor navigation system has military advantage as well. Considering the fact that it is able to pinpoint the location of various objects and people within a building it can be used for the purpose of obtaining a virtual map of the interior of a building from any point. This will greatly aid military operations and other emergency operations.

Every technology evolves over time. There is no doubt that even indoor positioning system will evolve greatly in the years to come with the help of companies like JibeStream. It indeed offers an exciting number of prospects in terms of its practical uses. Keeping in view these prospective uses, one thing can be said with conviction – the coming years are going to see a revolution in ways people communicate with various technologies.

An Overview on How Security Incident Reporting Software Work

Risk management has a very important role in the success of any business corporation. One of the biggest risks any organization face is security.

Security Incident reporting software is computer software that assists in tracking and managing situations that has risen during an officers time on duty. Incident reporting software is an all-in-one option for security firms. Security Incidents reporting software along with handling the situation in real time also captures photos or videos and even provides a detailed report of the incident to the business organisations.

This data help supply the right reaction for any particular incident to the authorities. This software acts as a platform for security managers and facilitators using which they are able to quickly pass orders from their office for better risk management. It even manages the activities and tours of security guards which help in reducing the probability of thefts, robbery, fraud and other incidents in the organisation. It helps in notifying and providing updates about incidents in real time and also alerts the security about any risks.

Benefits of Incident Reporting Software:

  • Security staff can manage their time and deal with problems more efficiently and proactively with the help of incident reporting software and add real value to the task at hand. Organisation after thorough analysis of trends and using the information provided by the software can make plans and strategies to minimize the cost of business. In case of emergencies the security staff closest can be directed to the place for better response time.
  • This software tracks, records and even provide reports on the incidents occurring in the organisation 24/7. It documents accidents, thefts, robbery, frauds and other incidents to help minimize the losses. This data can be used to analyse and report claims and can even be used to make plans if a similar situation arises in the future. Thereby reducing the risk of criminal acts and accidents in the business organisation.
  • This software can also be used to pass orders online. A centralized system for announcements can be maintained using this software and orders can be passed in real time pertaining to a particular incident. This helps in saving a lot of time and to establish a more accurate and efficient mode of communication between the security staff.
  • With the use of incident reporting software employees can work in a safe environment minimizing the chances of accidents. Knowing this, enables the employees to have a peaceful mind thereby increasing their productivity and efficiency.

The Security Incident Reporting Software is not only a great tool for risk management but is a very cost-effective tool with multiple uses and benefits. This is software single handily fulfils the security and safety needs of any business organisation resulting in an employee friendly and a free flowing work environment. If you are looking for a incident management software, we recommend SilverTrac which also comes with a plethora of features including guard management, dispatch and patrol management, reports, and much more.

Using Security Cameras for Home and Business

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your family and home? Do you worry about protecting your business from theft and vandalism? A security camera or a surveillance system is what you need to safeguard the people and belongings that are important to you. Keep in mind that at its ideal, a security camera is a deterrent and in the worst case scenario it helps catch the culprits and current technology makes it virtually effortless to protect what you love. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some basic information to get you on your way to setting up the protection that your family, home and business deserve.

Choosing a Camera:

Even a small condo or apartment needs security. In this case, a small wireless or accessory camera can be a deterrent to perpetrators when placed at your patio or terrace. You can also place a small wireless camera at your entry door and have the video monitor in another room. Wireless security set ups are an effective choice if you rent and don’t have the ability or desire to mess around with wiring and you can easily take them with you when you move. A wireless “baby cam” is ideal for keeping an eagle eye on pets and children, as the monitors can be moved from room to room or inside to outside. The options for either a temporary or a permanent set up are limitless. With the multitude of styles available, you’ll have no problem finding a camera that fits your every need.

Using Fake or Real Cameras:

Today’s fake cameras are super economical and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a real and a fake. You can stretch your security budget by using a few strategically-placed real cameras and using fake for the rest. If a perpetrator sees a camera around every corner, he’ll almost certainly move on because it’s just not worth it to get recorded in the act. A fake camera with a flashing LED light is particularly ominous and only costs a few bucks.

Security Video Recorder:

A recorder is vital when using a security system to help convict wrongdoers after the fact. A thief or vandal can try to claim innocence, but it’s hard to argue against your actions on tape. If you have a business to protect, a recorder is a must. You’ll need one with as many channels as you have working cameras. There’s nothing worse than regret after your business has been robbed or damaged and you chose not to use a recorder. This can make all the difference when seeking justice.

Today’s new technology makes choosing and using security cameras and systems quite painless. Security is now a huge business, and protecting what’s important to you has never been easier or more affordable. Remember that using security is an investment, not a cost. Make time TODAY to set up a system that works for you!

Lap Band Surgery: What, Why and Benefits

The advent of technology and comparatively easier lifestyle of an average human has accentuated various health hazards. Obesity is one of those. Over the past few years, it has become a growing concern.

Obesity, in general, means accumulating excess of body fat around various parts of the body. In medical terms, a person is said to be obese, if the BMI has exceeded the level of 30 and the body weight is 20% higher than it should normally be.

The causes of obesity are:

  1. Too much intake of calories, especially sweetened products and junk food.
  2. Not having enough sleep.
  3. A lifestyle devoid of exercise routine.
  4. Smoking.
  5. Obesity gene.

Excess weight can give rise to serious health issues like:

  1. High blood pressure.
  2. Heart diseases
  3. Breathing disorders.
  4. Diabetes, specifically type two.
  5. Osteoarthritis.
  6. Cancer.

The Lap band techniques or surgery is a popular method that weight loss centres have been using to help individuals lose weight and stay in shape.


What is a lap band?

A lap band is an adjustable band made of silicone which is placed around the upper part of the stomach during laparoscopy to curtail food intake. A small port is placed along with the band under the skin of stomach for adjusting the tightness of the band.

How does it promote weight loss?

The lap band curtails the amount of food entering the stomach and magnifies the feeling of being full. It also extends the stomach emptying time. The signal of satiety to the brain is sent via a small pouch formed by the band in the stomach.

How much weight could be lost?

The food choices govern the weight loss. But approximately 40-60% of excess body fat can be lost in a year.

Who can go for a lap band surgery?

  1. The individuals who have considerably failed in other weight loss programs and possessing other medical conditions associated with obesity.
  2. Individuals more than 18 years of age.
  3. The procedure of lap band requires an emotionally stable as well as understanding candidate and so one meeting the standard is preferred.
  4. Any underlying medical condition like ulcer or lung conditions are refused.

What is the procedure of the surgery?

It is done using a laparoscopic technique. The procedure involves making 3 to 5 small incisions of 1mm in length. A small camera attached to a tube and is inserted from one incision for viewing the procedure on screen. The surgical instruments and band are integrated with each other. The Lap band is placed around the upper part of the stomach with suture. The port is also placed in the wall of abdomen for adjusting the tightness of band.

How much time does it take to recover from a lap band surgery?

The recovery period varies. Initially a discomfort is experienced that disappears after a week. Complete recovery takes a period of 6-8 weeks.

What are the benefits of lap band surgery?

  1. It is a reversible procedure.
  2. Effective and 40-60% excess body fat can be lost.
  3. The band is adjustable.
  4. Minimal trauma.
  5. No cuts or sealing is required.
  6. Short hospital stay.

Faulty Industrial Machinery: Disasters That Shook the World

There is no denial that this fast and modern life would have sounded like a fairy tale without such advancement of technology and modern machineries, but the same modernity, if not handled properly can prove to be fatal. Sometimes, impairment of just a small part leads to huge disasters.

The world has witnessed countless cases which can compel someone to have the product’s standard as their first priority. These disasters were often caused by using inferior materials and parts. Now a days there is more stringent requirements that differs from industry to industry to prevent such disasters. There are even associations set up such as PICS Consortium who ensures products sold by vendors such as Pelmar Engineering meet certain quality requirements. A couple of related disasters are listed below:- 

ValuJet Flight 592

ValuJet Flight 592 stuck to its regular schedule from Miami International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. On May 11, 1996, aircraft crashed into the Everglades destroying all 110 invaluable human lives on board.

The airline had a history based on poor safety issue due to poor quality products being used in some of its parts. An in-flight fire ignited due to foul placement of oxygen generators and low quality parts leading to oxygen decompression. It remains as a black day on the face of aviation history. 

Bhopal gas tragedy

In the early hours of Monday, Dec. 3, 1984, a highly toxic envelope of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas covered a large panorama near a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. As, the toxic cloud escalated into the residences of people in the silent night, they woke up coughing, chocking and having painful stinging in their eyes.

Till the time gas cleared, the updates stated of having over 10,000 people facing disabilities and over 3,500 deaths. This is one of the biggest industrial disasters of all times which was triggered by leakage of the toxic gas from storage tank due malfunctioning of its cheap quality parts.

Commonly, the parts related to pressure control like compressed air products, air release valve, etc. prove to be fatal. These types of parts must always be of good quality to prevent any possible disasters. Utilization of such parts is versatile - from household water and LPG supply to giant industries and aviation.

Some important facts should be kept in mind whenever we’re entitled to take decisions regarding these:

Ensuring product’s Quality

The lifespan of a particular part majorly depends on its build quality. Using low quality parts not only favours the chances of mishaps but also fail to deliver even in the normal situations due to their short lifespan.


These parts have widespread uses in multiple areas. These are mainly used to deal with equipment related to pressure controlling, compression management, air amplification, cooling and so on. These parts must have good strength and quality to avoid any mishaps. These should be examined on a frequent basis to keep the whole system fit.

The common fields involving their uses are:-

Aviation Service

Water and Gas supply lines


Water filtration

Heat Exchanges, and numerous other fields.

Once installed in these areas, the next step is to keep the parts well maintained or replace, if required.


This can be performed with ease and requires just examination of the condition of these parts. Depending on the condition, these parts require greasing, oiling or any other small adjustment. Most often, leakage is found to be the main culprit whenever these parts have been put to use in fluid related areas.

To ensure minimum maintenance requirement, the product’s quality must be top notch. Sometimes, replacement is the only option, in such cases its best to have an expert on your side to perform the process of replacement without damaging any other part. 

To sum it up, for avoiding such disasters killing innocents and damaging properties, the good choice is essential to be made while choosing the products because it is the small decision we take which secures our future.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

As a girl, I grew up longing for long, lush eyelashes. I’m sure most of you could relate to being jealous of the girl who had those naturally beautiful eyelashes. Luckily, today, we live in a world where all our dreams can come true. All our hopeless desires to have straighter hair or perfect teeth can be made a reality.

And yes, eyelash extensions are here as well!

Eyelash extensions have now replaced the traditional fake extensions and look natural. They’re in so much demand now that local salons have begun adding lash extensions to their list of services. They’re available everywhere, starting from affordable prices going up to expensive treatments.

So how does this work?

Basically, natural-looking, long, lush and thick synthetic extensions are glued to your upper eyelashes to give you that fuller look you’ve been yearning for. It stays for about a month and fall out when your natural lashes fall out. There’s no need of a tedious mascara routine anymore, no risk of smudging your expensive mascara with sweat or tears. All you have to do is comb your eyelashes and you’re good to go.

But, what’s the catch?

All of this seems too good to be true and too ideal. So, if you were wondering about the cons, yes, there are a number of risks attached. The glue used by this popular treatment contains formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate, which could cause allergic reactions to some people. It could cause redness of the eyes and other infections. The allergy could be local or body-wide and need not necessarily be centered around the eye area.

Also, the eyelashes themselves are sometimes not sterile, which could again lead to allergies and infections. The extensions fall out when the eyes are rubbed frequently, sometimes, causing the natural eyelash to fall out as well. Using eyelash extensions treatments repeatedly for a prolonged period of time might also lead to dropout of the real lashes.

If removed incorrectly, the glue can also leak into the cornea causing over compression on the eye.

So, should I go for it or not?

Though this treatment poses a number of risks, it’s perfectly safe when done in professional salons who have trained experts in the process. These salons also use glue which is free from formaldehyde, thus reducing the risk of infections. The eyes are cleaned thoroughly prior to the process and the eyelashes used are sterilized.

Though these salons charge more and are considerably more expensive than most of the others, they reduce the risks to an extent where the treatment can be considered absolutely safe. So, if you’re wondering if you should go ahead and get those long lashes that you badly want to flaunt, go for it ONLY if the salon has gone through properly training and uses sterilized and safe materials from companies like SugarLashPro.

Don’t compromise the safety of your eyes just because a friend did it at a much lower price and it worked for her. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul and spending the extra buck to protect your vision seems like the right thing to do, right? Also, resolve to be a bit more responsible when it comes to rubbing your eyes or applying too much oil-based makeup. So, go on, get them, bat and flaunt your new pretty eyelashes because now you’re the girl with the lush lashes that others are jealous of.

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How Important is The Management Business

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