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Do You Feel Packaging Has Nothing to Do With Your Sales? Well, Think Again..

In this world of designer accessories and technical advancements, the days of not judging a book by its cover are long gone now. Nowadays, the cover is as significant as the contents of the actual product. In the technological era, aesthetics of a product are as important as the utility it promises to fulfill. The way an idea or an item is presented speaks volumes about the efforts and the toil behind its creation and evolution. It is all about impression today and the first one at that.

Packaging products is an all pervasive business today. Globally, packaging companies are a 900$ billion industry. The necessity of packaging is increasing day by day in every other industry. Be it tetra packaging for the fruit juice industry or effective damage protection for the electronics manufacturers, it is everywhere.

Fundamentally, it is a protective and qualitative cover on top of whatever you consume. After all, no supplier wants corrugated boxes for shipping his product. But dig a little deeper into its workings and you will be amazed to find out the intricate outreach of this covering into the very fabric of everyday human life.

Here are some of the widespread effects and utilities related to product packaging.

(i) Product Empathy:

Packaging serves as an identification of the product as well as the brand under which it is being sold. A product is wrapped in superior quality, dyed and designed vessels for showing off its distinctness from similar products from other manufacturers. For instance, the yellow and black painted pack of Kodak camera reel sells a story all by itself for its owner.

(ii) Product Fortification:

The main purpose of wrapping and packaging is to gives safety to the product from mud, critters, moisture, and breakage. For instance, the items like wafers, jam, chips, etc., need to be sheltered from outside contact. That is why they are forcefully filled.

(iii) Expediency:

Packaging enables the manufacturer to ensure the convenience in the transit of the items from one place to another, in storage and in consumption. For instance, the new plastic containers of Coca-Cola make the transport and selling relaxed.

(iv) Product Advertising:

Packaging breaks down the different stages of advertising and helps to ease the work of public sale and promotion. In this way, the wrapping performs the role of a secondary salesman. It boosts the volume of the sales and also helps empty the stock in a short time. 

Moreover, in superstores, shops and point of purchase (POP) displays, there is the need for stacking of packages so that space is not wasted on the shelves. Plus, various designs can be realized using nothing but cardboard boxes and cartons. Arranging them in welcoming shapes can increase the visual appeal of a store easily.

The package or custom boxes must be formulated in such a way that all the information central to its content can be seen by a probable shopper easily, especially the ingredients or substances used in the creation of the said product. It is actually important.

People are different in lots of ways. Some are vegan while some like to eat meat. Some are lactose intolerant while some may have an allergy to a specific foodstuff. In such cases, packaging information goes a long way in ensuring that people consume what’s good for them. For no one wants corrugated packaging to spoil what they eat.

In this way, the packaging is not only about content and carriage these days. Rather, it has become the core focus of marketing and customer base elevation. Packaging giants are doing commendable job in the industry by coming up with creative packaging. People buy packages all the time at POP displays but what they fail to grasp is that it is not only the product that they purchased, rather it is the culmination of careful and minute thought-processes of those who made it such an effective innovation.

Many great ideas have been born out of the craft of careful and charismatic presentations. Therefore, it won’t do at all to underestimate the power of it.

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