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Faulty Industrial Machinery: Disasters That Shook the World

There is no denial that this fast and modern life would have sounded like a fairy tale without such advancement of technology and modern machineries, but the same modernity, if not handled properly can prove to be fatal. Sometimes, impairment of just a small part leads to huge disasters.

The world has witnessed countless cases which can compel someone to have the product’s standard as their first priority. These disasters were often caused by using inferior materials and parts. Now a days there is more stringent requirements that differs from industry to industry to prevent such disasters. There are even associations set up such as PICS Consortium who ensures products sold by vendors such as Pelmar Engineering meet certain quality requirements. A couple of related disasters are listed below:- 

ValuJet Flight 592

ValuJet Flight 592 stuck to its regular schedule from Miami International Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. On May 11, 1996, aircraft crashed into the Everglades destroying all 110 invaluable human lives on board.

The airline had a history based on poor safety issue due to poor quality products being used in some of its parts. An in-flight fire ignited due to foul placement of oxygen generators and low quality parts leading to oxygen decompression. It remains as a black day on the face of aviation history. 

Bhopal gas tragedy

In the early hours of Monday, Dec. 3, 1984, a highly toxic envelope of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas covered a large panorama near a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. As, the toxic cloud escalated into the residences of people in the silent night, they woke up coughing, chocking and having painful stinging in their eyes.

Till the time gas cleared, the updates stated of having over 10,000 people facing disabilities and over 3,500 deaths. This is one of the biggest industrial disasters of all times which was triggered by leakage of the toxic gas from storage tank due malfunctioning of its cheap quality parts.

Commonly, the parts related to pressure control like compressed air products, air release valve, etc. prove to be fatal. These types of parts must always be of good quality to prevent any possible disasters. Utilization of such parts is versatile - from household water and LPG supply to giant industries and aviation.

Some important facts should be kept in mind whenever we’re entitled to take decisions regarding these:

Ensuring product’s Quality

The lifespan of a particular part majorly depends on its build quality. Using low quality parts not only favours the chances of mishaps but also fail to deliver even in the normal situations due to their short lifespan.


These parts have widespread uses in multiple areas. These are mainly used to deal with equipment related to pressure controlling, compression management, air amplification, cooling and so on. These parts must have good strength and quality to avoid any mishaps. These should be examined on a frequent basis to keep the whole system fit.

The common fields involving their uses are:-

Aviation Service

Water and Gas supply lines


Water filtration

Heat Exchanges, and numerous other fields.

Once installed in these areas, the next step is to keep the parts well maintained or replace, if required.


This can be performed with ease and requires just examination of the condition of these parts. Depending on the condition, these parts require greasing, oiling or any other small adjustment. Most often, leakage is found to be the main culprit whenever these parts have been put to use in fluid related areas.

To ensure minimum maintenance requirement, the product’s quality must be top notch. Sometimes, replacement is the only option, in such cases its best to have an expert on your side to perform the process of replacement without damaging any other part. 

To sum it up, for avoiding such disasters killing innocents and damaging properties, the good choice is essential to be made while choosing the products because it is the small decision we take which secures our future.

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